Saturday, October 10, 2015

Silas Wolcott, Revolutionary War 1776-January 1778

Silas Wolcot enlisted 7 December 1776 and served to 1 January 1778 as a private in Capt. James Wilson's Company, Col. Cambers' First Pennsylvania Rifle Regt., organized at Sunbury, Pennsylvania. He served as a rifleman in Capt. Caspar Weitzel's Rifle Company, Col. Samuel Mile's Regiment, 13th Pennsylvania Line. The regiment moved to Philadelphia on 2 July 1776, and after the Declaration of Independence was signed, marched to Trenton and then to Perth Amboy. On 12 August they fought to defend Long Island, but were forced to retreat. Silas took part in the Battle of Harlem Heights, the defense of Fort Washington, and the retreat across the State of New Jersey. e 11 Sept. 1777.  He was in the Battle of New Brunswick on 27 November, and the Battle of Trenton on Christmas Day 1776, followed by the Battle of Princeton. Silas was in Capt. John Robb's Company, Col. Walter Steward's Regiment, at the Battles of Brandywine and Germantown in the fall of 1777. They moved to Valley Forge, where, family tradition holds, Silas was a bodyguard for General George Washington. Silas was mustered out at Valley Forge on 1 January 1778.

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