Saturday, August 20, 2011

French and Indian War (1756 - 1763)

Nathaniel Wolcott (1700-1771) 
 Service in French and Indian Wars, as a Captain, Worchester Co. militia.  Nathaniel of Brookfield was a subscriber to the Land Bank of 1740; in 1758 Nathan was an innkeeper at Brookfield.

Gideon Wolcott (1712-1761)
Captain Gideon commanded one of the companies raised by the colonists in 1758/60 against the French and Indians (9th Co. 1st Conn. Regt.  Major General Phineas Lyman).

Oliver Wolcott (1724-1802)
He was a farmer at Brookfield, served in Capt. Brewer's Co. MA militia 1756, and in his father's Co. 1757, to Oakham MA 1785.

John Wolcott V (1728)
He served in the French & Indian Wars 1756-1757.

Giles Wolcott (1734-1819)
French & Indian War service as Capt., 9th Co. 1st Regt. CT, under Maj. Gen. Phineas Lyman, 1761 campaign.  Militia Capt.  1777-1781.

Emerson Wolcott (1738-1811)
Served as Ensign in French and Indian Wars.

Samuel Wolcott (1713-1800)
French & Indian War service as a Corporal, 3rd Co. 1st. Regt.  Died April 11, 1800

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