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World War I

James F. Bennett
Son of Annie Wolcott
Served in WWI

Eugene Chandler Chase
Great-Grandson of Mary Jane Wolcott 
WWI Navy Service.

Walter Wyatt Wolcott (1886-1965)
WWI Service.
He lived in Burbank, Los Angeles County, California at the time of his Draft Registration.

Lewis Fifield Chase (1887-1951)
Grandson of Mary Jane Wolcott
WWI Air Force.

Clarence R. Wolcott (1888-1956)
He was in World War I.

Edward Herbert Wolcott (1894-1918)
He died in France during WWI.

Wolcott Paige Hayes (1894)
Grandson of Ruth Rebecca Wolcott
Service in WWI and WWII Brigadier-General.

Samuel Wallace Durham, Jr. (1886)
Grandson of  Ellen Wolcott.
WWI Service

John Wesley Wolcott (1897-1972)
At age 17, John enlisted in the U.S. Army Tank Corps during WWI.  Sent to England and France to train.  One time he was charged with guarding the field where ammunition and tanks were stored.  A drunken American officer demanded to be admitted to the tank area.  John refused to open the gates, explaining to the officer that he had orders to admit no one to that area under any circumstances, and he was to shoot to kill anyone who tried to get by. 
The officer persisted.  John pulled his gun and told the officer he would shoot to kill if he persisted in trying to enter the territory.  When the officer saw that John meant business, he cursed John and left, saying he would have John arrested for disobeying an officer and pulling a gun on him.
John was brought before the Hearing Officers, charged with the above offenses.  After the Colonel heard John's testimony, John was found innocent of the charges and commended for his high sense of devotion to duty.  The officer was punished for his misconduct.

John had excellent rapport with the Canadian Indians in his vicinity.  He  was known as a just white man and on occasion loaned Indians small sums of money (no interest) to tide them over when the going was tough.  They always repaid their loans.  At John's funeral in 1972 in Ponoka, Alberta, Canada, two rows of seats were reserved in the church for the Indians.  Every seat was occupied, although the weather was cold and snowy and the church was a distance from the Hobbema Indian Reservation.

Elmer Lewis Piper (died 1918)
Husband of Jean Brodie Wolcott
He was killed in action on Hill 258 west of Romagne, France on Oct 10, 1918.

William Datus Worth (1888)   
Grandson of Mary Jane Wolcott
WWI Quartermaster's Corps.  

Lester Oren Wolcott (1888)
WWI Lieutenant.

Walter Dunkman
Great-Grandson-In-Law of Sarah Waterhouse Wolcott
WWI Service in France.

Reginald Myron Wildish 
Grandson of Mary Jane Wolcott
Physician at Ft. Dodge, Iowa

Harold Dolphus Wolcott(1893)
WWI Aviator

Francis Bryan Wolcott (1895-1973)
WWI Service

Arthur David Witherell (1892)
Grandson of Martha Jane Wolcott
WWI Canadian Army.

Chester Jay Pierce (1897)
Son of Cora May Wolcott
WWI Service.

Date:  July 28 1914 – November 11, 1918
Location:  Europe, Africa and the Middle East (briefly in China and the Pacific Islands)
Result:  Allied victory; end of the German, Russian, Ottoman, and Austro-Hungarian Empires; foundation of new countries in Europe and the Middle East; transfer of German colonies to other powers; establishment of the League of Nations.
World War I taken from Wikipedia, the free Internet Encyclopedia 

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