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War of 1812

James Wolcott (1766-1849)
James was in the War of 1812.   He gave his grandson, James Macgregor Wolcott the sword he carried in the War.

Charles Wolcott (1768-1858)
He held Captain's commission in War of 1812.

Horace Wolcott (1769-1833) Served in Indian wars as Capt. under Gen. William Henry Harrison; in battle of Tippecanoe and present at surrender.  Member Ohio State Legislature.

Roger Wolcott (1770)
War of 1812 service.  Roger disappeared after saying he was going to TN. 

Roger Wolcott (1773)
British Army until 1809.

Sewall Wolcott (1773-1815)
Sewall Walcott, Cpl., enlisted in the NH Militia 1814 from Holderness, for 60 days.  He died the following year.  War of 1812.

William Hart (1775-1797)
Husband of Sarah Waterhouse Wolcott
He served as a Major in the War of 1812.

Joseph Wolcott (1775-1866)
Served in War of 1812 from Vermont.

John Wolcott (1775)
Moved near Quebec; land confiscated during War of 1812 for helping Americans; deported but returned after war and married again.   

Lawrence Wolcott (1778-1849)
War of 1812.

Lewis Wolcott: Deacon, (1785-1868)
Was the eldest son of Theodore Wolcott, Deacon.  He was born August 21, 1785, at Rocky Hill Connecticut (This could have been Wethersfield, CT).  He came to Ohio in 1805, on foot, carrying all his possessions in a knapsack.  He married Nancy Higgins in November 1808.  He had three children to this wife.  She died on July 9, 1815.  He then married Mary Higgins and had seven more children.  Deacon Wolcott was a member of the Congregational Church, a founder of the Farmington Academy and was in Politics.  He fought in the War of 1812.  He died on August 2, 1868. 

Nathaniel Wolcott (1787)
In War of 1812

Edward Wolcott (1788-1832)
He commanded company of CT troops at New London during the War of 1812.  His death marked the end of this line of Wolcotts in the male line.

John R. Wolcott (1789-1877)
War of 1812

Solomon Wolcott (1789-1868)
War of 1812 Service.  Capt. Reynolds's Co. MA Militia.

Ariel Wolcott (1790)
He was in the infantry in War of 1812.

Oliver Wolcott III (1793-1850)
He received War of 1812 pension.        

John Macy Walcutt (1794-1870)
He fought with Virginia militia in War of 1812, was a cabinetmaker at Town and Pearl Streets in Columbus, OH, owned a chair factory at Pearl and Chapel Streets in Columbus and owned Walcutt's Hall

Rawson Harmon, Jr. (1794-1873) 
Husband of Miriam Wolcott
He was in the War of 1812.

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